Windows Server - IIS

This article explains how to install and run SQLwallet under Internet Information Services on Windows machines.

Prerequisites: Windows Server 2008 R2 or later (Windows 7 SP1 or later), with IIS installed.

  1. Download and install .NET Core 2.x Runtime & Hosting bundle. If you already have this installed, skip this step.
  2. Download SQLwallet ZIP archive from the Downloads page and extract its content into a local folder.


Makes sure you unblock the archive before unpacking it!

  1. In IIS manager, create a new website pointing to the folder with SQLwallet files and change the Application Pool to “No Managed Code”. For the details, please refer to the article on Microsoft website.
  2. Grant Modify permissions to the app pool identity user (“IIS AppPool\<your_apppool_name>”) for the SQLwallet root folder.
  3. Navigate to the website URL to check that SQLwallet website is up and running.


When running SQLwallet under IIS, leave ServerHostName and ServerPort parameters empty in appsettings.json file.

To upgrade, follow the step 2 above and copy the ZIP archive content over the existing files. If there are any locked files preventing the copying, stop the IIS service before the upgrading.